How I work

How I work

I am a licensed psychotherapist (German Heilpraktiker Psychotherapy HPG) trained in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Integrative Energy-Therapy (after Barbara Ann Brennan), Cranio Sacral Therapy, Breath-Therapy, Gestalt, Counseling, Essenz-Work and Meditation as well as Ayurveda Body Massage und I am a Reiki-Master.

In general my therapy work is based on two different approaches which is either Psychotherapy or Energy-Healing:

  1. In the Psychotherapy work the client is sitting on a chair and is invited to share his thoughts and feelings thus a process of self-reflection and inner prospection is initiated. I accompany the client with different methods of interference and guidance. Holistic Psychotherapy
  2. In the Energy Healing work the client is lying on a table with his clothes on and I work on balancing his chakras and his aura through energy transmission through my hands. Energetic Blockages can be released.  Integrative Energy Therapy

In both approaches the client is invited to express and feel what is coming up in the process.

I work intuitively based on my experience, training and higher guidance in order to achieve the best result for the higher purpose of the client.

The aim of the therapy is to gain a deeper understanding of one’s own negative life circumstances, heal wounds from the past and access a different awareness through which we direct our life in a more positive way.

I believe that difficult times in life can be of a challenge and an invitation to heal something within yourself and connect us to a deeper place. Therapy or awareness work can help you take a different perspective in your life. Bringing awareness to what is limiting you and what makes you suffer naturally opens a bigger space within you, the place of the watcher, where unconditional love, disidentification from the problem and true healing is taking place.

I work with the body, the breath and the feelings, with what the client is showing at the moment. In accepting what is and feelings that are often unconscious or split off, a deeper space opens up. A space of a higher spiritual consciousness. From this place we experience what it is like when we are not identified with what hurts us. Through acceptance, the pain dissolves, healing happens. In this acceptance, we develop true acceptance of ourselves and are able to love ourselves as we are.

“When we allow our feelings, a deeper access to our essence opens up”

Sometimes just a few sessions are enough to understand a specific topic or to direct your life into new paths.

I work in sessions of 90 min. as this can give the space and the time to work deeply on a particular topic. (online therapy can be 60 min or 90 min)

I would be pleased to offer you a free preliminary talk of 30 min to see how I work and to get to know each other.

The fee is fixed by arrangement and must be paid directly at the time of the appointment. Please contact me for further inquiries.

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