About me

Aloka Levitin

Healing Practicioner for Psychotherapy (HPG)

I have been on the path of self-discovery, awareness and inner growth for more than 20 years. Going through my own inner depths and healing myself from past-wounds and inner blockages have brought who I am today, a therapist, healer and medium that accompanies others on their journey of transformation.

I have myself experienced how powerful, healing and transforming it is to be accompanied therapeutically trough therapy and healing-work, to break through one’s own inner limits and to live a life that today I truly experience as self-determined and free and where I live on this beautiful island of Ibiza with my husband and son.

I understand life crises and conflicts as a challenge to go deeper, to question the past, to go beyond your limitations and consciously break new ground. This includes a clear self, because inner freedom begins with self-responsibility, self-love and self-acceptance.
If we have the courage to face this Self, listen to our inner truth and heal our past, our „history“ loses power over our lives. We gain access to inner clarity and true strength.

With empathy, an open heart and absolute discretion I accompany you in your personal awareness and healing process.

My deep inner wish is to lead people to more authenticity and self-love – touch their soul and support them in accessing their essence and totality and ultimately true happiness.

I give individual sessions and workshops.

The name Aloka is from Sanskrit and means Light.


  • 1996 Training in Ayurveda Massage, Pune – India
  • 1996 Reiki-Master, Pune – India
  • 1997 Breath-Therapy Training, Pune – India
  • 1999 Enery-Reading and Counseling Training, Pune – India
  • 1999-2003 Self-Experience in Primal Therapy, Gestalt, Janov Primal Scream Therapy and other forms of Therapy
  • 2002-2006 Training in Integrative Energy-Therapy (after Barbara Ann Brennan) at the Snowlion/Medita School, Switzerland (http://www.medita-schule.ch): Integrative Energy-Therapy, Healing of Aura and Chakras, Psychodynamic, Consciousness Work, Focusing and Somatic Experiencing, Traumatherapy (Peter Levine), Cranio-Sacral-Therapy (Dr. John Upledger), Body Psychotherapy and Bio-Energetic (Dr. Wilhelm Reich) and Core Energetic (Dr. John Pierrakos)
  • 2002-2005 Training in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Thalamus Healingpraktitioner-School, Cologne: Person-Centered Therapy (Carl Rogers)Dynamic Bodytherapy (Dr. Wilhelm Reich), Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls), Development and Essenzwork, Systemic Therapy
  • 2007 Government approved License to exercise the profession as a Psychotherapist (Heilpraktikerprüfung Psychotherapie HPG, Germany)
  • 2010-2016 advanced Studies in Essence-Work (A. Almaas), Metatron Healing Symbols, Healing with Chrystals, Ascended Masters, Elohim, The Energy of Lemuria and Atlantis at Medita-School, Switzerland
  • 2011 Chakras for the Transition – Opening of the Chakras 9-15 with Nicole Valentine, Berlin
  • 2015 Multi-Dimensional Healing Course with Solara An-Ra
  • 2016 Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Workshop with Hira Hosen, The School of Remenbering-Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • 2017 Chanelling Course with Solara-An-Ra http://www.solara.org.uk/
To Secure a professional way of working and enhancing my own growth I am under regular supervision by experienced teachers and Therapists.

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